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Moisés Cárdenas ; trad. Sayanbha Das

A poesia de Moisés Cárdenas em inglês    

Muchas gracias a Moisés Cárdenas por dar me la oportunidad a traducir sus poemas. Y por fin, muy agradecido a mi profesor Señor Dibyajyoti Mukhopadhyay por sus guías, ayudas y todos.
(Sayanbha Das)

The poem “EL BALCON LADRÓ” was honored with the 1st prize at the First International Poetry to the Pets in Quequen, Buenos Aires, Argentina in September 2019.


The Barking Balcony
Dedicated to my beloved dog, SNOPPY
(Translated from - EL BALCON LADRÓ)

Resided at a wooden dwelling –
a dog.
With eagerly, eyes waiting for the end of the day.
To the daystar,
he prayed and pled.

The heavenly bodies,
played with the fog,
My dog tried to express his desire
with his nostalgic eyes.
When on the balcony,
I missed my rhythm-
the genre of literature.

I came under the delusion to be a poet,
Recited my “Genere of Literature”
on cold shivering nights surrounded by mist and fog.

As I took my status as a refuge,
in the land of the carob trees.
That dog expressing his feelings,
barked at me from a distance.

From the balcony, the dog moved his ears
contacted chimeras,
sunsets and songs.

Misses the barks of my dog-
the balcony of my house.
Now, barks
the mournful cry of the moon.





The Silence Outside the House
(Translated from - EL SILENCIO FUERA DE CASA)


I looked upon  his eyes
in the wee hours of a Sunday morning in September.
There was a strange look at his face-
the shadows of a witch.
I was terrified.
Then trembling with fear, he told me-
                  “The wind told me told  to run away from the evil.”
Then, I heard distant voices
who didn’t want the care.
And with those mourning noises in my head
I fell asleep.
The next day, on waking up
to my disbelief, little crystals falling from the sky.
It was then-
I came out of my shelter.
I  found the footprints-
of the witch, on the road,
I was still scared.
But at the same time gathered courage
to face his broom.
It was time for the sun, to set below the horizon,
I returned to my abode.
I searched –
but,  it was not there.
While the thick black clouds
made its way over the birds.
I sought his presence 
among bushes and plants,
but it wasn’t there.
His wooden dwelling and his god’s jar,
it wasn’t there.
All of a sudden –
the reality hit my back.
His eyes!
The gaze brought a mourning silence.
The sense of bereavement.









The New Daylight
(Translated from:- SE CONVIRTIÓ EN AMARILLO)


The ruins of a prison.
My brother and his friend
takes the shelter.
Just beside,
a cat who greets.
When the night has come
His white fur,
lights up with the colors of the street lights,
of an abandoned street.
His eyes start to glow
and the fur changes to yellow.
Nearby, a patio
still under the delusion.
There were orange trees.
Meanwhile, the cat walks,
The dogs barks at the moon.
discreetly through the pavement.
Waiting for the sun to rise,
above the hillcrest.




The sadness

As the sun kisses my hands
I could sense as if the world is going to fall apart
before me.
And, when I cry, I feel immense pain.
As if, my eyes were cut by glass.
I release my frustration
on the monstrous blank paper.
As the sun goes past the horizon,
I describe my pain on the blank paper,
with tears rolling down my cheeks.
As drops of blood!








The Slaughter of Humanity
Translated from- (PERRO HERIDO)


The whips of the angry man.
The cries and the pains of the dog.
For the cruelty ingrained
deep inside human beings.
The agony, the sufferings.
The death of humanity!
The winter,
 rubs salt on the wounds.
The flora witnesses,
 as a mute spectator.
The wounds of the dog
reflects the new 21st century.
The death of humanity!




(Actualmente radicado en Córdoba, por razones de la diáspora  venezolana)

Moisés Cárdenas, nació en San Cristóbal, Estado Táchira, Venezuela, el 27 de julio de 1981. Poeta, escritor, profesor y licenciado en Educación Mención Castellano y Literatura.  Egresado de la ULA-Táchira. Ha publicado en antologías de Venezuela, Argentina, España, Italia y Estados Unidos. 

Finalista de la décima edición del Concurso Internacional de Poesía el Mundo Lleva Alas, Editorial Voces de Hoy, Miami, Florida, Estados Unidos de América, 2018. Finalista en el IV concurso de narrativa para autores noveles Manuel Díaz Vargas 2016-2017 de Ediciones Alfar, España. Primer premio, en el 15  Certamen Internacional de Cuento, Ediciones Mis Escritos,  con la obra “Puede ocurrir”, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2016.

Sayanbha Das. Nacido en Calcuta, India, Estudiante de español.  Estudiante ingeniería de eléctrica y electrónica también. Muchas gracias a Moisés Cárdenas por dar me la oportunidad a traducir sus poemas. Y por fin, muy agradecido a mi profesor Señor Dibyajyoti Mukhopadhyay por sus guías, ayudas y todos.


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HENRI MATISSE, 'Le desserte, Harmonie rouge', 1908.


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